Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Back on track

I think I am back on track with my Christmas cards. Yesterday I managed to make more simple ones and I am now up to 22. I have two packs of small cards which I am going to use to make more quick cards. I am also currently stitching one for my best friend (long story) and have to chose a card to make for my sister. She has requested one with a cat. I figure I should be able to find a cross stitch design with a festive cat somewhere. Then I can get back to The Castle which I have been itching to get on with.

Yes, I realise I have already stitched a card for my best friend. I still love the design I used but I bought a mag on Friday which had a chart of tatty ted in a santa hat. Since she is such a huge fan of tatty ted I decided to stitch that for her and give the ice fairy to my gran.

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