Tuesday, October 19, 2004


Busy Day

Wow, was I busy yesterday. I managed to fit quite a bit in. The first thing I did was practice calligraphy. I was almost to the point where I was going to give up. I really do feel like I'm back in school where I am practicing my letters. I did a couple of lines of each letter. When I finished I looked back and could see that I really was improving. I tried writing out Merry Christmas using different pen sizes and it didn't look too bad. Not brilliant mind you, I still wouldn't attempt to use it to write in my Christmas cards. Still, it is a considerable improvement to what it was. Maybe if I keep it up I will be able to write out at least some of my cards.

I then wrote out a couple of letters. I am way behind in my penpal letters but yesterday I managed to catch up. It's quite bad though as this has been since I came back from my holiday. I just have one more letter to write but since it was a year before she replied to me I'm sure she won't mind waiting another few days for me.

I then spent some time doing nothing on the internet (it's amazing how you can log on to the net and spend so much time doing nothing) but not too long. I came off to do some stitching and have almost finished my friends Christmas card.

Lastly I did some writing. I finished my draft of chapter three. I'm going to type the changes up today and then go over it again before posting in the next few days. Again, this was something else that was supposed to be done before my holiday but better late than ever. I was going to do some work on Chapter four but I still haven't typed that one up yet. Instead I decided to work on something else. I decided to try writing some notes for a Glasgow based story. Could I think of anything at all? No! Instead I came up with the idea of writing some stories based on my childhood. I must have sat for about five minutes doodling on the page. I was a good girl at school, I have no stories. With that one thought a whole bunch of them came flooding back to me and I started to write my first one out. I now have a list of others too. This is more for me I think. A little too personal to allow anyone I know to read just now. It will give me good practice though.

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