Sunday, October 24, 2004


Christmas Cards

Well I now have a huge pile of Christmas cards and I really don't need to make anymore. I made some yesterday and those are my favourites. The white and silver card my boyfriend has taken for his mum and dad (I usually do provide his cards otherwise no one in his family would get any). I think the white and silver one could be changed slightly to suit a Wedding.

My least favourite cards are ones I did a few weeks ago. It was my first attempt at making cards using tags as a decoration. I think they look just too simple although my sister has said that's why she likes them. I don't think I will be giving these ones out.

The next two sets of cards are using my usual theme of stamping and paper layers. One set uses cream cards while the other is done in blue. I'm thinking of adding little merry Christmas stickers to them just to brighten them up.

The stitched cards aren't completely finished yet so it will be a while before I post a picture of them. I'm still stitching the card for my best friend. I should have finished it by now but haven't picked it up in a few days.

It was actually fun making those cards yesterday. Not that I don't normally enjoy it. If I didn't I wouldn't do it. Yesterday though my sister joined in. I had all my papers sitting out on the table. We had just finished lunch when I got back to making some cards and my sister was still sitting there. She went through some of the papers and came across a lot of different ones that she liked. In the end she asked if she could make a card. Normally she's the serious artist and has no time for crafts so it was strange seeing her sitting using glue and glitter. It reminded me of when we were little and used to make things together.

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