Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Doctor Who

The BBC have loaded a picture of the new Doctor Who logo to their cult site. I actually quite like it. I was originally resigned to the fact that I wouldn't like it and that wouldn't be the same. It's true it isn't the same but all the same it really isn't that bad. It could have been worse. I'm actually looking forward to seeing the new series despite the fact that Billie Piper is going to be in it. I still think they should have chosen an unknown actress. I also still think that the Doctor's outfit should say a little more than 'Just off to the pube with some mates'. I promise to watch it whilst trying to keep an open mind.

Have you seen the new blue version of the new logo which will be used for the documentary series that will follow each new episode over on BBC3? Shame I can't get BBC3!!!In place of the dot between the two words Doctor and Who is the TARDIS at a slight angle which is a nice added touch. As you like Dickens, you should enjoy episode three. :)
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