Saturday, October 16, 2004



I love journals and have kept one for years. I'll be honest in that mine isn't particularly arty. It never really has been. On the Craft site that I look to for ideas they have a craft swap section. Some people like to organise round robins like mine but with journals rather than stitching. I know we sent journals along with ours but they aren't arty either. It's really just to get to know the others and to have as a memory along with the finished piece. The journal round robin though are sent all over the place and people write in them or draw or paint. I would love to see what one would look like in the end. I imagine that each one would be unique.

One person linked to a site called 1000journals. This is a large project involving (funnily enough) 1000 journals. About 700 were sent out randomly. In other words it is up to each person who receives one to send it on to someone they chose. The other 300 are controlled and everyone is told who to send it on to. This is a huge project and some of these journals have been all over the world. Some have even been in Glasgow. The person who began the project is going to place them in a gallery if they are successfully returned and possibly publish a book on them. I would love to see some of them (you can see scanned in pages on the site) and I would very much be interested in seeing the book based on the project.

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