Saturday, October 09, 2004



I bought Merlin on DVD last week. It's the TV film that was shown on channel 4. I actually missed it when it was on TV. I saw about 10 minutes of the second part and I didn't see the point in watching the rest since I had missed most of it. I then saw the DVD on sale and since I liked what I did see of it decided just to go ahead and buy it.

I did enjoy it. I thought Sam Neil, Helena Bonham Carter and Martin Short were all good. I think my only criticism is that the first half seemed a little too long. I thought too much time was spent on a few things but I guess it was needed to set up the story. The second half felt a little too rushed (yes I know I'm never happy). I thought more time could have been spent on Arthur or Morgan le faye. But then I suppose that although they were part of the story it wasn't really about them but about Merlin. Other than that I thought it was well done.

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