Monday, October 18, 2004


New Idea

If I had £1 for every idea I get but don't carry through with I would be a millionaire. I love this journal idea and from what I have read over the net the last few days it isn't a new one. Someone tried to start something similar on the crafster site but it doesn't appear to have started yet. The person who was going to start it was basically going to send out a journal to the people signed up for it. She would start it with a journal entry and then some lists of her favourite things at that time such as movies, music quotes and books. She would then write a little about her home town and stick in a postcard and map. The next person to get it would do the same thing.

Sounds like a good idea except that the people who add to it wouldn't get anything out of it. I thought maybe it would be a good idea to turn it into a round robin. Everyone sends out a journal to everyone in the group. Each person can write the same thing in every journal or do something a little bit different in each. Someone had already suggested it (I noticed this before I made the suggestion thankfully). I thought maybe that you could decorate the pages in some way that would show what your interests are and favourite colours are without having to write down a whole history. If someone has written about books you have enjoyed you could mention that and make further suggestions. Maybe stick pictures in the journal or ideas that you think that person may like.

As I said the organising of this seems to have stalled. I would offer but to be honest I have way to much on after Christmas. It would be something I would love to take part in though.

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