Tuesday, October 19, 2004



I've read some disgusting things in my time. You can't be a Stephen King fan and not have come accross something disgusting. I just read a chapter of "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" which still makes me shudder. So far there have been a few people in the book telling the main charcter their stories. One guy was telling his story of the war and a secret mission he went on. They were captured and their leader was skinned alive. I was completely repulsed by the descrition! I wanted to through the book accross the room just to get away from it but at the same time I couldn't put it down. I'm sure there has been worse in King's books but with him you are kind of expecting it. With this one I wasn't. There was no hint at all that something like this was going to be in it. That just made the images a lot more stronger.

Haha I randomly clicked on the favourite authors thing on my own profile and I got your page. I wasn't aware that Douglas Coupland was known outside North America...or Canada, really.
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