Saturday, October 02, 2004


Sorry about the rant,

I didn't actually intend to rant there. I was only wanting to mention that the Star Trek book I had read had given me an idea for my own story. I will write some ideas down but I won't start anything until I have finished working on my Doctor who story (which I am still working on).

I have been going through and emailing phase. I'm not usually that bothered about email. There are one or two people I will email regularly but that number has since gone up. This is partly thanks to the cross stitch group. I actually enjoy it. Before I got fed up with email since it was mostly passing on jokes or chain letters. It gets a little boring after a while. I also can't be bothered with messages written in the form of text messaging (I don't even do that with text messages). Anyway, it has been nice emailing people and I even got an email from someone who left work a while ago.

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