Saturday, October 09, 2004


Tamora Pierce

I've been reading her Immortals quartet and very much enjoying it. It's a little different from the Lioness quartet although set in the same world. This one is about a young girl who has wild magic. It gives her the ability to speak with animals. There is more to it than that and has lots of mythological beasts in it like Dragons. Like the Lioness books these ones pull you into the story straight away and you don't want to let go. An easy read but an enjoyable one. I would definitely recommend her books to teens and adults who enjoy reading children's books.

You might remember that when I first finished the Lioness quartet I was annoyed at part of the ending. I should warn you not to read on if you plan on reading these books. I didn't like who Alanna ended up with. In my head she should have married the King. There seemed to be more chemistry between them. I looked up Tamora Pierce's website today since I am reading her books. I found a page where she explains why she chose George for Alanna over the King. It makes sense although it does show that I wasn't the only one who felt she should have married Jonathan.

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