Tuesday, October 05, 2004


The Veil of a Thousand Tears

I did a review on this yesterday and since then it has disappeared into cyberspace (very irritating). I actually stayed up until 2am on Sunday just to finish it.

Like the first book of the Pearl Saga this book by Eric Van Lustbader has several plotlines. The first one dealt mostly with finding the Dar sala at. This one deals mostly with Riane trying to save Giyan from being taken over by an archdemon. The only way to do that is to find the veil of a thousand tears and she has much to learn before she can find it. Unfortunately time is not on her side. As Riane and her companions journey to this point prophecy unfolds. The second plot line in both books deal with Vorn intrigue and the Kundalan resistance against the Vorn. In this one we learn that not all Vorn are unsympathetic to the Kundalan's.

The plots are more complex than it sounds. As new characters make an appearance it is sometimes difficult to keep up. Part of the problem is that I left it a year before I read the second one. While I really enjoyed the first one I was almost ready to give up on this one. It took time to get into the story but that may have been because it took time for my memory to kick in. In the end though I did get caught up in it and thoroughly enjoyed it. Will not leave it so long to read the third one this time. It also didn't help that I bought the new Douglas Coupland book not long after I started it and what I really wanted to do was read that one.

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