Saturday, November 27, 2004


What do blogs mean?

I'm not actually sure what I get out of blogging. I suppose it is a bit of fun and it is something on the web that is a bit of me. I could probably live without it. I keep a paper journal to write down all my thoughts so I wouldn't really be missing out on too much should I have this taken away from me. I don't think I would be too pleased about it but in the end it wouldn't really matter too much.

I was reading the New Scientist which had an article in it about China and the web. Blogging is something I really take for granted but for a lot of people in China it is the only way they can express their views. In the article the Chinese government was compared to Orwells 1984 and said that most use the internet as their way of getting at real news. The government has tried to suppress this by closing down internet cafes, putting up a large firewall and putting in surveillance devices on remaining internet cafes. Many blogging companies have started up in China to allow people to express their opinions but if the company grows to big it is closed down and there have been some arrests.

The point is it is hard to imagine that something I take for granted or could easily live without could mean so much to many people. I have to admit that I know very little about China. When I studied history it was concentrated in the west (this is something that should be looked at in the British education system). I knew that China was a communist state but other than that I know very little.

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