Sunday, November 14, 2004



Why do I do these things. Seriously! I hate books being spoiled for me and yet I am very good at spoiling books for myself. I was on he Stephen King website and I decided to flick through the message board. The last time I was there someone had tried to write too much about the Dark Tower and the moderator had erased it saying that it gave too much away. I assumed that this would be still in place forgetting that the book has been out a couple of months now. What did I do? I read a message despite the fact that it had a spoilers warning on it. I now know three important things that are going to happen and I am now going to spend the entire book waiting for them to happen. I don't know how they happen which is something to be thankful for. I'm just so mad at myself. I have no will power.

Actually in a way I am kind of glad that I know. The three things that happen are kind of a big deal and I would hate to think of the impact if it caught me unawares. I suppose that would be the effect that King was going for. However, I don't want to be reading in work when it happens.

Still enjoying the book. Although King is at his best again with disgusting descriptions. I came across another one last night and it did actually make me gag. I had also been eating soup which I then couldn't finish (which my sister happily did). I had to get by that part before I put the book down so that I wouldn't have it in my head that I have it to go back to when I next pick up the book.

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