Monday, December 27, 2004


Book Crossing

I have heard of people doing this before. You finish reading a book which means a lot to you. Instead of just leaving it to sit on your shelf you pass it on for someone else to read. It doesn't even have to be to someone you know. You can leave it on a bus or in a coffee shop for someone else to pick up. There is now a website dedicated to it called book crossing .com. Actually the site has probably been there a little while but I just newly came across it. On this website you register the book you are leaving. You write your own journal notes on it and your book is given its own ID number. If someone else picks it up they then write their own journal notes on it.

It sounds like a really good idea. I can understand that it won't always work but it is certainly worth trying even if it is just out of interest. I might consider doing it. The only problem is that I would have to buy a fresh copy of the book. I have problems giving books away never mind giving away ones that mean a lot to me.

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