Thursday, December 09, 2004


Christmas equals Lazy

I'm not being lazy at work. If anything the Christmas period is causing me to work harder. I mean it is making me lazy with all my hobbies. Since December all my crafts have gone out the window. I haven't touched anything. I made one card for a friend. But I still have some birthday cards to make. I still have a scarf to finish (although that has more to do with the shop not having any of the wool I need left). I have all the things I need to start the zoo scrap book pages but haven't made a start. I haven't written a proper book review in months. I have also neglected my journal. To be honest I am just too tired to do anything else but sit and read (this explains how quickly I read Jonathan Strange).

The only thing I have done recently is finish the round robin square which is due this month. The next one I stitch will be for my own piece. I still haven't received mine yet but I don't think I will get it before Christmas. It has still to be passed on to the person before me. It is late but the member who is holding it up has very good reason so I am not going to get all annoyed or worried. I'll get it eventually and with all my plans for after Christmas I won't be able to start it straight away.

I am very much taken with knitting. I plan on buying a book that has patterns for knitting blankets. I think that a few of them will make Christmas presents next year.

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