Sunday, December 12, 2004


Relaxing Day

Yesterday I had a lovely relaxing day. I spent most of the day listening to Christmas Carols while writing out my Christmas Cards. I also wrote out a few letters that I needed to do so I am now up to date before Christmas (that almost never happens). I'll post them all out next week.

I also did some more stitching to The Castle and as you can see I even took the time to update it on my webshots page. I also fixed the loose ends on the scarf for my sister and posted a photo of that too. I now just need to wrap it but that will have to wait until tomorrow when I get home before her.

I finished "I Capture The Castle" by Dodie Smith. I'm glad I read it, it was a good read although I still say I would have fallen in love with it had I read it when I was a teen. I would still recommend it to those who want to read something that maybe takes them back to being a teen. It isn't for everyone though. If you aren't particularly girly or don't like books with even a little romance in it then it isn't for you. It wasn't just about romance it was also about families, friendship and growing up. I'm now curious about the film.

I also watched "12 Angry Men" for the first time. For all those movie lovers I know it's shocking that I haven't seen it before. I loved it! It was so clever and moving. I definitely want this one to add to my DVD collection.

The most exciting thing of my day (and the sad thing is that I am excited) was that I got my course materials through for my open university course. I got a couple of books including some exercise booklets and my course work. I was also sent two video tapes, CD's and some blank tapes. Today I am going to spend some time going through them. I can't wait to get started. I have all the dates for my course work and thankfully the first one isn't until the end of march. My training for my new position will be over by then and I will have had a chance to get settled.

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