Sunday, December 19, 2004



First of all my Christmas shopping is finished and most of it is rapped and under the tree. I want to get a couple of extras. I want to get something extra for my boyfriend and my sister. Something small but fun. I even bought the secret Santa gift for my work. Now I can relax and enjoy the run up to Christmas with lots of Christmas songs and movies. The only thing I am not enjoying is trying to get home from work. In the morning going in it is okay since it is so early. Going home though is a bit of a nightmare. It's just so busy and everyday now feels the way it does when I try to get home on a Saturday. No point in stressing about it though. If I do that I only spoil things for myself.

I have also been able to do a lot of stitching. I got quite a bit of the Castle done. I have just about finished the dragon and now all I need to do is a few finishing touches to the face and the end of the tail. I will then begin work on the rocks which hopefully won't take me too long. The part I am dreading is the backstitch. There is just so much of it but I can usually do backstitch quite quickly and it does make a big difference to the design.

The scarf was a big hit with my sister. At first she didn't believe that I had made it. Apparently all her friends at uni were asking her where I bought it for her so that they can get one. She quite smugly told them that I had made it. I'm glad she likes it. Since she likes it so much I have plans to knit a blanket for her next year. She loves the blanket my gran made for her so I thought it would be a good idea to make another one that way she can swap them around when they are being washed.

I have begun writing again. I was inspired by a book I read during the week, "Life After God" by Douglas Coupland. It didn't inspire me because of it's style or because it was so good (although it was good). Basically after I finished it I just felt so depressed. It made me think that I don't want to go through life without having achieving something or without attempting to anyway. A big thing for me is my writing which I have put off in the last six months. I have decided to move on from fan fiction. I apologise as I know there was one person who reading something I was working on. It doesn't mean that I have totally given up on it. I still enjoy doing it. It's just that I now want to concentrate on my own work. I have notes for a possible trilogy which I have decided to aim at children. I have got back to it again and have begun writing passages for the first book. So far I am pleased with the way it is turning out although it will be a very long time before it is completed.

I'm not sure if this is the way the book is supposed to make you feel but it's the way it affected me. It is not my favorite Coupland book but it was still good. I now have to wait almost a year for his next book.

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