Saturday, January 08, 2005


"Abhorsen" and stitching

I finished reading "Abhorsen" by Garth Nix and it was amazing. So many good cliffhangers. Such a great start too. There was a huge event at the start of the book that caught you back into the story again. And what an ending! Overall this was a brilliant conclusion to an amazing trilogy. Like most books I very much enjoy I wish there were others to follow up on this. The characters are so good that it would be a shame to say goodbye to them. I understand though that it is only meant to be a trilogy and once an author feels that the story is finished then that's it. Plus I can always read these books over again. I have to say that it is one of the best children's series out there. If you like "His Dark Materials" trilogy by Philip Pullman then you might like this. I am now reading "A Stranger in a Strange Land" as promised. I'm not far into it. It is quite good so far although a little slower in pace compared to some of what I have been reading lately. A nice change!

I have been organising my webshots pages. I put all my photo's from Finished 2004 into the Finished album. I then changed Finished 2004 to 2005. This means that all the links to the pictures that I moved will no longer work. They can all be accessed through the above link though. I have done a little stitching this week and managed to get two charts of Newtons Law stitched. These charts were put in cross stitch magazines for stitchers to make for National stitch week. Readers then send them away and they are made into quilts for charity. I don't think that I will make any more than the two but I have other charts there just in case. I have also been working on The Castle but have no photo to update it with. I made a mistake with one of the shades so I have quite a bit of unpicking to do today. Not looking forward to it.

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