Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Another Crafting Update.

I have been busy with all my crafts again. I have been working steadily on the castle again and I am slowly getting there. It feels as though it is taking a long time because it is taking time for the rocks to take shape. I am persevering with it though and I have to admit that looking at the photo I am starting to see the outline of the rocks. The shades are all very similar and there is a lot of them which is another reason for it taking so long. Hopefully it won't be too long before I move onto the back stitch.

A friend from work is leaving which is another reason for me having a large crafts update. I made a card for her using a butterfly stamp that I had used before. I was shopping in Millers art store and found those butterfly adhesives and decided to use them. I really like yellow and blue together which is why I chose those colours. And I found a pack of yellow cards and envelopes that I forgot I had. She is going traveling for the next year which is why I decided to do something else for her. In a crafts magazine I saw a journal decorated using felt. I thought this was a good idea and decided to give it a go. The magazine design was a little different from this as it had a heart with a little message in it and a smaller square at the bottom with "journal" written in the centre. I decided just to have my friends name that way she could use it for anything she wanted. I thought it would be a good idea to stick to the yellow and blue theme and used the rest of those butterflies. I hope she likes them.

I applied to do a square for the Love Quilts website that I have mentioned before. I chose to do a cross stitch of a lion cub for a little boy who wants a wild animal theme quilt. I got the go ahead today. I had ordered the lion cub design and funnily enough got that through today. I am going to look out the fabric I need and get started on it. The kit does have fabric with it but it isn't the right size. It doesn't really matter as I have spare white Aida and I can use the fabric from the pack for something else.

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