Sunday, January 23, 2005


Another Scrapbook Page Complete

I did another scrapbook page as I said I would. This is page one of a series that will be on the zoo visit in San Francisco. It was supposed to be a mix of animals from the Africa section of the zoo but I just couldn't leave out any of my zebra photos. So in the end it turned out to be a zebra page. It looks a little plain but I quite like it like that. With the baseball pages I used my own handwriting for the journaling part. This time I thought I would use the computer. I also cut out the logo from a paper bag that I got from the zoo gift shop to decorate the corner. I might do another page by the end of next week. The scrapbook has been ignored of late despite the fact that I bought all the materials I would need for the zoo pages. I am determined that it will be finished at some point though. A few people have said that this is one of those things that people will say they will do but never get around to it. I took that as a challenge.

I also made a couple of valentines cards. A friend asked me to make one for her to give to her boyfriend. I came up with a couple of designs so that she can chose from them. The first one isn't really my favourite. The stamp I got free from a magazine. I do like the stamp I just don't like the colours I used. I don't think that the reds and pinks go well together. I do like the idea I used of cutting away a strip from the from of the card so that part of the design is made on the inside of the card. The second card I like better but I got most of the idea from the magazine. I suppose there is nothing wrong with that but it is so much alike that it feels a little like cheating. The black back ground and the little heart border is about the only part that is original. Plus I get the feeling that it should sparkle a little. I might make a few more.

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