Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Closer and Team America

Over the last few days I have saw both of those films. I was expecting "Closer" to be a boring chick flick. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good chick flick from time to time. However, I wasn't really in the mood for one at that time. I did like this though and it wasn't really what I thought it was going to be. It was a love story but two of them ended up broken hearted. I am also not a huge Jude Law fan (yes I know that in some peoples eyes I am committing a huge sacrilege by saying that). I have to say though that I did like him in the film. I can sort of now see what everyone sees in him. Doesn't mean I would go out of my way to watch a film with him in it.

I was looking forward to seeing "Team America" as I thought it would be really funny. However, I was a little disappointed in it. It was supposed to make a pun at the cheesy American films where the Americans save the day. The problem was that some of it was just annoying. Maybe that was the point but it was all I could do to sit through it. It did get better in the end though and there were a lot of funny moments. I don't think that I would watch it again.

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