Monday, January 31, 2005


Cushion, reading and Hellboy

I finally got a photo of my finished cushion. I am a little disappointed with the way that the photo turned out. It isn't very clear and makes the knitting look a little untidy. It's a lot tidier than that and the ribbon running through looks prettier than it's made out to be. Just now I am still stitching away as I said I would do. I'm on a roll at the moment and so hope to get the Castle finished soon.

I finished reading "The Novice" by Trudi Canavan. Yes, I realise that I have been reading this one a little while but because I have been working on so many other projects I have went a lot slower with my reading. It doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed it though. This one was just as good as book one. In this one Sonea is having to put up with a lot of bullying from her class mates because of upbringing. Any hope of them accepting her is soon lost when one student becomes the leader of a gang made to make her life a misery. On top of this she has to keep secret the fact that the Leader of the Magicians is using Black Magic. A friend is sent out to secretly investigate the High Lords past to find out how he turned this way. Meanwhile the only three people who know about this have to make sure the High Lord doesn't know that they know.

It was a great read. An easy one but still very good. The end solves one of the problems that Sonea must face but with the other we are left hanging. A good ending as it means that I can look forward to reading the next one. Not sure when that will be at the moment as I have a few more to read first. Hopefully soon as I am dying to know how it turns out.

Lastly I watched "Hellboy" last night. It was one of the films I had wanted to see at the cinema but just never got the chance. I am almost glad I didn't. It really wasn't very good. I realise there are only so much you can expect from these comic book films but this one is one of the worst. I just thought that the storyline was a little confused. There were lots of little ones and a lot of the time it seemed that the movie wasn't sure which one was the most important. I know that a good film can take a bunch of smaller plot lines as well as one large one but this one seemed to get lost between them all. Also there wasn't quite as much action as I expected. That could maybe have saved it a little. I just wouldn't recommend it.

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