Saturday, January 01, 2005


Happy New Year

I wish everyone a very happy new year and hope that 2005 is good to everyone.

I woke up this morning having mad no new years resolutions the night before and thought that there really wasn't any point. I rarely stick to them. Well, that's not entirely true. I do stick to the ones like, try new authors. But then that is hardly something I have to resolve to do. I came on line to catch up with my emails and the various groups I am a member of. And I now have a few resolutions. The first one is cross stitch related. I promised myself that I would be more organised. In this part I started this about a week ago. I have a two sided zip folder. I keep the project I am working on, on one side. Last week I decided to pick out various charts that I plan to work on quite soon (about five or six of them) and put them on the side of the ring binder. Another resolution in regards to my stitching is to get out of the bad habit of not putting my threads back in their boxes when I have finished with them. I now have several shades of threads that I am going to have to replace because I can't find them.

I then went on the sci fi group and made another resolution. Not a biggie this time. I just realised that in the past year I have read maybe two science fiction books. I have been reading a lot of normal fiction lately but I have also been reading mostly fantasy. To be honest that isn't entirely my fault. Most people buy me fantasy books these days. The boyfriend does it because he himself prefers fantasy over sci fi. He got me into trying fantasy and I guess he just wants to keep me interested. Not that I mind. I have really enjoyed all the books that he picked out for me. But next year I want to get back into sci fi. I promise myself that I will read at least more than two. I have a few books in mind already. It will be a while though since I have a large pile of fantasy books still waiting on me.

Lastly I basically promise to work hard at my open university course which I start this year. I am very much looking forward to it. I know what I am like though. I get half way through something and I get bored with it. I can't let that happen with this since there are so many things that could come out of the end of it (a possible teaching career is one). The fact that I am paying for it is hopefully incentive not to give up on it.

I haven't made any resolutions in regards to my writing. This year is going to be a busy year and I don't want to make too many promises that I know I can't keep. I think the best that I can do is hope that I make some kind of progress on my original story.

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