Monday, January 03, 2005


Reading a lot again

I have been going through another reading bout. I know it is unusual for me not to have a book on the go. But my speeds in getting through books do change and just now I am going through another fast one. I just finished reading "The Magicians' Guild" by Trudi Canavan. In this one a young girl is sick of the way her friends and family are treated because they live in the slums. The magicians help to keep things in the slums under control and so are hated by all slum dwellers. On one day they are out on force Sonea snaps and throws rock along with all the others. Only here rock got through the magicians force field and managed to knock one of them out. The magicians are now on the hunt for her. Sonea's only hope of staying out their way is with the help of the Thiefs. The problem is her magic is becoming uncontrollable and she is soon a danger to everyone and herself. Her only hope is to start trusting the magicians and possibly joining them.

This is the first book in Canavan's "Black Magician" trilogy. I was hooked after the first couple of pages and enjoyed almost all of it. I thought the chase itself was a little too long but I could understand the need for it. I have the next two books on my shelf waiting on me and I'm looking forward to reading them.

I am now about half way through another book called "The Thief's Gamble" by Juliet E. McKenna. Another fantasy novel which is book one (of five) in the Einarinn series. I was a little doubtful as to how good it would be at first. The fact that the main character is a gambler and a thief made me think that it was going to be a little dull. I was very wrong about this and I am enjoying it. Livak is the gambler and thief. She has been roped into helping a magician and an agent hunt down antiques which might help discover magic lost in the past. Someone else is also looking for these pieces and along the way Livaks group have been attacked by unknown groups. As I said I am liking this books so far and I think I will probably read the others in the series eventually. Since there is five of them it may take me a while. That and all the books I have left in my pile are book ones of a series. I am still going to try to read more sci fi which is another reason why it may take me longer.

Actually I almost bought myself another book yesterday. It was a children's book but it was also a fantasy story. I held back though. I do plan to read it eventually but I think if I buy myself a book just now it should be a sci fi book.

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