Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Scarf Completed.

I worked hard on Sunday and got my friends scarf finished. I am thinking of rolling it up and then tying it with blue ribbon before I wrap it. You know, the way you sometimes get your face clothes. Her birthday isn't until the end of the year but I like to plan these things. Yes, I know I really do need to stop doing that!

It's weird not having another project unless you count the Easter card. Which I have a few ideas for scribbled down but nothing definite yet. I have a little drawing of a chick that I have decided to use. My sister actually thought it was from a stamp which convinced me to use it. I am thinking of using some stitching within the design of the card.

As for my knitting, I am going to take a little break from that. In the next few months I will buy the wool I need to make a bag that I got a pattern for from Stitch n Bitch. It's really sweet although I don't know if I would be able to use it here because of the horrible weather.

I am still reading but just very slowly. Nothing much to report there.

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