Saturday, March 26, 2005


The Artist's Way Week 1

Okay, I have reached the end of week one of this course. I was supposed to have started it the week before but to be honest I was far to busy with work to even think about starting it then.

Anyway, I have to say that having reached the end of my first week I am even more skeptical than I was when I started. I know that if I was so down on the idea I shouldn't have bought the book in the first place. To be honest though it turned out to be completely different from what I was expecting. I guess I was expecting some sort of lesson on creative writing or something like that. Regardless of what I expected I decided to stick with it anyway. It does say in the introduction that the most skeptical are usually the most successful with the course.

I did the morning pages which to be honest is just journal writing. I am used to doing that although I was more likely to write at night than first thing in the morning. I realise that the point is that if you write in these pages first thing in the morning it gets all the nagging and nonsense out your head and frees the rest of your day to be creative. I think though that there is something to be said about writing before you sleep at night. You go to bed with all these thoughts of what happened during the day in your head. Sometimes if it has been a pretty stressful day this makes it difficult to sleep. Writing about it often helps to get it out of your head and allows you to sleep. To me a good nights sleep is just as important but that is just my opinion.

I worked my way through the tasks. Some of which I found quite difficult to do. Things like writing a list of people or things that happened which suppressed your creativity. I couldn't really think of anything. I don't think that I received any criticism which stopped me from writing. I think that it is more me that has done that. My feelings of embarrassment and wanting to keep things to myself. This wasn't done to me by other people.

I did do my artist date though. I did a little shopping and then sat and watched some DVD's whilst playing around with some of my craft supplies.

So far I have done nothing towards my writing and it is my writing I want to improve or at least have the motivation to do something more about it. I will continue with the course though and see how I get on. You never know, this time next week I might be singing the books praises.

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