Thursday, March 31, 2005


Eccleston Quits Dr Who

Christopher Eccleston has decided that he isn't going to do a second series of Dr Who. He has said that he doesn't want to be type cast and so isn't going to do any more. I have a feeling that he might have said this from the start. However, if he was worried about that he shouldn't have taken on the role in the first place. It's not as if he couldn't go into other things once he did finish. Unless of course he wants to make it in movies.

Anyway the BBC website has said that David Tennant is going to replace him in the second series. While it is good to hear that there is going to be one I have my doubts in who they have chosen. David Tennant is in the BBC3 Drama Casanova. I haven't watched it simply because the adverts alone irritate me. Again I hope I am proved wrong as I was with Billie Piper. I saw the trailer for the next episode and it looks good.

I remember the TV version of “The Day of the Triffids”. I know the guy who wrote the music but he’s better known today for the “Poirot” theme tune! Carole Ann Ford was in the earlier film version.

Interesting what you said about Ace not getting on with Zoe ‘cos she seemed to get on OK with Mel in “Dragonfire” but then not all computer programmers have the same personality! There would certainly be fireworks if you put Ace in the TARDIS with the first Doctor. The very thought made me smile. Different morals... or maybe not? If you remember, he was happy to stone someone to death to make good their escape in the first story!

As for David Tennant, I’m not as put out by the idea as I was when I heard Chris had been cast last year. I wanted Bill Nighy and I still think he’d be good. Geoffrey Bayldon would’ve been good but, ironically, as the Doctor is no longer a Grandfather figure, he’s too old now. Even Nighy might be too old considering the stamina required. That’s one of the things that’s changed; “Doctor Who” was always more cerebral than physical.

Who would you cast as companion were the role to become available? I would like to see someone less obvious than Billie. Caroline Harker or Honeysuckle Weeks might add a bit of depth but the producers want streetwise to draw in the kids!
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