Monday, March 07, 2005


First Test (Protector of the Small) by Tamora Pierce

This book is set some time after the Lioness and the Immortals Quartet and is set in the same world. Since the Lioness became a Knight, knighthood was opened up to girls. Kel is the first girl to request a place as a page. However, Wylden who is in charge of their training objects and only finally agrees to a girl page if she is given one years probation. Kel also has to overcome bias from her class mates, bullies and her own fears.

A good start to another children's fantasy series. A lot of the characters from her other stories made an appearance but only as part of the background. The plot started out much the same as the others and I was worried that it would continue that way. The main character has one difference from the other leading females in that she has no magical abilities. This could prove to be a good thing as it will make this story line a little different.

The plot was fairly simple. So far no huge enemy has come into it. It is only book one and it could be that it is only being used as an introduction to a new character. An easy plot to read which so far isn't quite as good as the Lioness or Immortals series.

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