Friday, March 25, 2005


The Incredibles

I watched this last night. My only disappointment in the film is that I didn't get to see it at the cinema. Watching it I could tell that it would have been brilliant to see on the large screen. That didn't stop me from enjoying it though. I liked the start of the story line. It sounds like something that probably would happen. Super hero's are sued for saving people who didn't want to be saved. Then more begin to sue for damages inflicted whilst being saved. You would think that it wouldn't happen but it does. First aiders are no longer allowed to resuscitate for fear of being sued. Damage can be done to the ribs and people have sued over this.

Anyway. Poor Mr Incredible lives his life in the past. Life is dull without being a superhero and his need to go back to those times lands him in a lot of trouble. I will say that I guessed most of the story from the start but it was still good. It really was funny and I loved Samuel L Jackson's character. Finding Nemo was better but not by much.

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