Thursday, March 24, 2005


Lost In Time

I bought a few DVD's today. One of which was the Doctor Who DVD "Lost In Time". I have been wanting this DVD for so long that when I saw it I couldn't help but treat myself. It is basically three discs of episodes that went missing from the first and second doctor episodes. The rest of those episodes are still missing but they have put the ones found into a collection. So far I have watched all the ones from "The Crusade". That one I know the story line to because I read it not that long ago on the BBC website. I have to admit that the episodes I am looking forward to are ones from missing Dalek stories and ones from a Cyberman story called "Moonbase". I don't know when I am going to find the time to watch them all but I am looking forward to it. I also bought another Doctor Who DVD called "The Mind Robber". This one again involves the second Doctor. I have to admit that I didn't really like the start but the rest I enjoyed (I haven't watched it yet, this is just my memories from the video). I love most stories involving the second Doctor so I am looking forward to a quiet day to myself where I can watch these. Not forgetting that I also have the new series to look forward to.

Lastly I bought "The Incredibles" on DVD which I plan to watch tonight. I didn't get the chance to see it at the cinema so I am really looking forward to it. I'm not worried that I might not enjoy it as I love most animation.

Nice question about which story I’d most like to see out on DVD! I drew up a short list, that wasn’t quite so short, of 22!!! Firstly, I made note of the 27 complete stories already available to eliminate them and to see if they’d neglected any period or concentrated too much on any period. I was surprised to find 3 stories from season 10 already available!

I was slightly prejudiced in favour of stories I never got around to buying on video and against those I recorded on original transmission, from “Attack of the Cybermen” onwards, though not entirely. To pick one is harder than picking my favourite story because, if it hadn’t been lost in the 70s, I would’ve instantly said “Fury from the Deep”.

One thing about your choice, “The War Games”, is at 10 episodes it’s good value for money! I love the incidental music in that one but if I was picking a Troughton, despite missing episodes 1 and 4, I’d go for “The Invasion”. If I was choosing a complete black and white story then the original Dalek serial would be my choice.

OK, I won’t sit on the fence any longer! I regret not buying “The Seeds of Doom” on video so I’ll go for that one. It’s two stories in one, which also makes it good value, with the first two episodes being a reworking of “The Thing” and the last four essentially “Quatermass”. It’s directed by arguably the programme’s most creative director Douglas Camfield and, while I’m not really a fan of “Only Fools and Horses”, Boycie is in it, which might keep my Mum happy!

Here’s a fun question for you! Which companion would you have liked to see with which Doctor that, ordinarily, didn’t work together? For example, I wonder if Billy H would’ve gotten along with Billie P?!!
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