Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Out of Touch

I haven't paid much attention to science fiction news. Two days ago was the first I had heard about there being a "Doctor Who Confidential" starting at the time of the series on BBC3. This is basically going to be a documentary running along side the show. I think it is quite a good idea. A lot of people might get more interested in it if they see what is happening behind the scenes. I think that building up a fan base will be a challenge for the show. They are going to have to win over old fans and collect new ones. I think the documentary series might go some way towards helping this.

Finding out about this made me buy the Doctor Who magazine although I don't want to read such about the new show as I don't want it spoiled for me (who ever said I was logical). I also decided to buy SFX since Doctor Who was displayed on the cover. I haven't bought this one in such a long time. I was put off because I was sick of seeing Buffy or Angel on the front and so stopped buying it. Glad I picked it up again. What I did discover from this is that there is going to be a "Fantastic Four" movie. I didn't realise that. I used to love the cartoon as a kid so I will probably go along to see that when it is out. There were lots of other things too such as I didn't know that Jack Black was going to be in "King Kong". It's amazing how these things happen. You stop paying attention for just a little while and miss out on so much news.

A few weeks ago I made yet another discovery but this was more about myself. I watched a few episodes of Andromeda and actually liked it. It was one of those shows that I never got round to watching. The episodes I watched were in the middle of a series (which one I couldn't tell you) so I was confused. I still enjoyed it though. I even considered buying the DVDs if they did a boxset but they only appear to be available in volumes.

Other than realising I am missing out on so much news I have been studying hard. Leading a pretty boring life at the moment.

Thank you for answering my comments. It was nice to hear from someone interested in Doctor Who. I've lost touch with the people with whom I used to discuss it, back in the mists of time when the last series aired! That you were specific enough to mention one of my favourite stories, as well as having an interest in reading, was what persuaded me to drop you a line.

As you've bought a copy of the magazine you probably know by now that Simon Callow is playing Dickens in the third episode. He was impressed by the knowledge writer Mark Gatiss (League of Gentlemen) showed in his script. Callow is something of an expert on Dickens so, hopefully, it won't be simply a pastiche. Issue 354 went on sale today and includes a preview of the first episode, “Rose”.

I nearly bought SFX too but went for the DWM Complete Seventh Doctor Special instead although SFX are about to publish a Doctor Who Special themselves sometime towards the end of next week I think. Scarlet is on Saturday mornings if you want to see what it's like. As to the time is anyone's guess! But if you switch on ITV1 around 10:50am you should catch it if you're lucky!!!

You may have already seen it, if you have satellite, but the third season of Enterprise has just started on Sunday afternoons on Channel 4. Haven't noticed any late night repeats yet, like last season, where they leave the closing credits intact and don't have the dreaded June Sarpong talk all over them!!! Also, Paul McGann is in the second episode of Kidnapped this coming Sunday afternoon on BBC1.
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