Thursday, March 31, 2005


Stitching Group

I have joined a new stitching group. I haven't abandoned the old one as there are still things about that one I prefer and also there are a few people I know there. This new one though is a lot more active. There is also more going on in terms of exchanges or round robins. I have already put myself forward for one exchange. This one involves making coasters. It's a new one so I am looking forward to it. They also talk about lots of other things and lots of other crafts unlike the older group. Because there are so many people on it there is a wider range of things people are stitching.

I have been stitching most of the day as this group has put me in the mood to get on with it. I have almost finished the ballerina I was stitching and I think that by next week I can move onto the back stitch. I haven't forgotten the Castle I will get round to it. At the moment though I have made a mistake and I just need to build up to going back to it.

Remember the cub I stitched for the little boy on Love Quilts? I finally got around to posting it out today. I still had a few months to send it off but it has been sitting finished for a while. I just kept forgetting to take it to the post office.

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