Sunday, April 17, 2005


The Artists Way Wk2

Yes, I realise that more than a week has passed since my last post about week1. At this rate it is going to take me a year to work through the book rather than 12 weeks. The truth is up until this week I just didn't have the motivation to pick it up again.

Well this week I finally read through the second chapter and worked my way through the tasks. I even did my artist date (which I will talk about at some point this week as it was a HUGE disappointment). What I didn't do is my morning pages every day. I know that the book says that this is essential but it just doesn't work for me. I do enjoy writing in the morning but it isn't always possible. I also have decided not to keep it separate from my journal. I hadn't written in my journal for a couple of months. The first month just because I was so busy and then after that because of these morning pages. I missed my journal too much and I felt that all I was doing is whining. So I have made a few rules for myself. Once a week I am allowed a day full of complaints and that's it. Obviously if something really affects me then I can break this rule but petty complaints are restricted to one day a week.

As I said I read through the chapter and I did actually agree with some of it this time. There was a part about crazy makers (I think that was the term) and I had to agree with most of it. I have known quite a few people in my time who fit that description. You have a conversation with them and the turn everything round onto themselves. They use you as a dumping ground for all their problems but do not support you when you have them. They have to go one better when they do finally listen to you. The affect of this type of person is physically draining. In the past this has been partly my fault though. To take one example I had a friend like this a few years ago. She wasn't always like that and I think that it was partly me who let her be like that. In the beginning she was a lot of fun and I think that if I hadn't made myself available to be her dumping ground we would probably still be friends. Instead of talking to her about it I let us drift apart.

Anyway, I actually enjoyed some of the tasks this week. I even managed to do most of my goals. I have read week 3 and plan to just spend one week on it. Some of the tasks look to be quite good. Mostly writing about my childhood. I had quite a good one so I like looking back.

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