Thursday, April 14, 2005


"Chilly Down"

I am now the proud owner of "The Labyrinth" soundtrack and "Chilly Down" has to be my favourite track. I have listened to the whole thing about three times and repeated that one song a few times. I'm not a big kid honest.

I'm on a role this week. As well as finishing that coaster I was able to finish a few other things. I looked through my charts for a good design for the first book mark. I found an AOY chart which I adapted to fit an aida band. I took one of the characters out of it and stitched a border around it. I finished that yesterday morning. I will post a picture of it once I have posted it out. I also made the first birthday card in the birthday exchange. I was messing about with a few things last night and liked the end result. Again I will post a link to the picture once I have sent it out. I think I am going to get a little stitching related gift to send along with the card.

I now have no reason to get back into The Castle and finish it. It's just finding the motivation to do it.

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