Sunday, April 10, 2005



I did go back to the back stitch on the castle for about one night. The next day though I was off and so decided to look through my cross stitch charts for a design for the coaster exchange. I made a good start on that and I am almost finished. I can't give any details of this at the moment as my profile on the group is linked to here. What I can say is that I chose a design that was listed in the likes of the person I am to stitch for. I have already made a card to send along with it and this matches the design in the coaster. I also have plans for the other side of the coaster so that the back of the threads don't show. We send them out at the end of the next month. Once everyone has theirs we reveal who we sent coasters to. Once that is done I will link to the photos of them on my webshots.

I also got the details for the birthday card exchange sent through. That will be the next one. I haven't decided what I am going to do for this one yet. I might not use the list of likes as there was only one thing on it. Also I might not stitch it as we also have that option. I might try out more of my card making.

I have finished organising the bookmark round robin too. Yesterday I bought an aida band so now all I need to do is chose a design for it. I am going to have to look through my designs and some of my website links for inspiration. It shouldn't be too difficult after the questionnaire everyone filled out.

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