Sunday, April 17, 2005


Doctor Who Ep4

Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks episode. It still looks like it is getting better and better every week. This one is a two parter and I am really looking forward to next weeks. This one is set in present day. At first the storyline is about Rose returning home 12 hours after she left (or so she thinks). Soon though this is forgotten and it twists into a plot of alien invasion. A lot of famous faces in there. I am bad when it comes to remembering actors names, the only thing I can do is list some of the things they have been in and that would take too long. Needless to say that there were a lot of famous British television actors in there.

Not sure what to think of the aliens. Won't really get to look at them properly until next week. However, they aren't the cheesy obvious costume type from the old Doctor Who shows. I do have one favourite scene. Seeing the Doctor watch television was pretty funny. Especially when he shouts at others to shut up so he can watch and then fights with a child over the remote. It was just funny to see him doing something so normal. I don't think any of the other doctors would have laughed when seeing a space ship crash land though.

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