Tuesday, April 26, 2005


First Go at Embroidery

Yep, as soon as I finished posting this morning I got the stitching out and had a go. I used one of the tea towels in the kit and stitched the cat onto it. I decided to stitch the main body of the cat black as it pretty much goes with any other colour. The bow is yellow to go with my mums kitchen. I do realise that it is now needing an iron but I couldn't wait to show it off. I don't think it is particularly neat but I am hoping that this will improve with practice. My mum seemed pleased with it though. I am going to make a start on the second one tomorrow night. With any luck that one won't take me long either.

I have to admit that adjusting to embroidery was more difficult than I thought. I had convinced myself that after four years of cross stitching I could manage it no problem. I think that the cross stitching may have been a handicap than a help. At first I felt very hesitant because there is only a rough line to tell you what shape the stitching should take. There is no diagram to say exactly where you place your needle. The book helped a lot though (and my mums encouragement). Having finished one I still recommend this book to beginners.

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