Sunday, April 24, 2005


Making a Journal

When I first came across craftster I discovered that it was actually possible to make your own notebooks and that a lot of people did this. I was intrigued by this and wanted to make my own. But I was also intimidated by how good all the ones posted on the board looked. I even got a few books out on the subject. During the week I decided to bite the bullet and just make my own. I was fed up with my paper journal and wanted a new one. I also wasn't sure what type of notebook I wanted which is why I decided to give it a go. I had a lot of nice paper there and so I began to stitch it down the middle fold. However, I didn't have anywhere near enough. Yesterday I went shopping and bought a whole load of lovely paper with petal fragments in them. Each pack was different in some way. I then began to prepare all of these in the same way. I now have enough paper prepared to make my own journal. There are a few other things that I want to add to it. Like sketch paper. I want to have some nice sketch paper at the front to practice doodling. I also want some kind of folder at the front and one on the back. I am also thinking of putting in some vellum paper to give some of the pages a different texture. And some printed writing paper to brighten it up a little.

These are really little things though that are easy enough to do. The sketch paper will obviously have to be added first but the rest are things that I can do later. The hard part is going to be the cover. I have strong card to make the cover with. While I was preparing all this though I had no idea at all on how I was going to decorate the cover. I was thinking of some kind of fabric but I wanted it to look really pretty. I then remembered this morning that I am expecting my embroidery kit through on Monday. I was looking forward to it but had no idea what to stitch the projects for. I have now decided to get some pretty fabric and embroider the front cover with something from this kit. I am now looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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