Sunday, April 10, 2005


New Doctor Who episodes 2 and 3

The last two episodes have been better than the first one. Chris Eccleston as the Doctor is starting to grow on me a little. His humour is different from the others which I think is helping. I suppose I shouldn't get too used to him as he will be leaving. Each week I am also more surprised by Billie Piper. I really did not think she would be good. I also thought that she was going to be so irritating that it might put me off watching. Far from this she is very good and is possibly going to be one of my favourite companions.

The second episode saw the Doctor and Rosie going to the future to watch the Earth dying. A huge celebration is made of it and the rich and famous come to watch (including the last ever human). I had my doubts when i saw the ad for this one. The last human is really just a thin sheet of flesh with barely recognisable eyes and mouth. It just looked so fake but I did enjoy it. Makes a play on going too far with plastic surgery.

Last nights episode was another good one. This time the Doctor and Rosie went into the past and met up with Charles Dickens. A story of the dead coming back to life. Of course there is more to it than a haunted house and there are actually aliens involved. This one is probably my favourite to date. Next week it is set back in the present again and looks as though it will be another good one.

In the next few weeks these are being brought out onto DVD. Was disappointed when I heard that they weren't all going to be on the one disc. However, if I wait longer a boxset of the series is going to be released near the end of the year. Will have to look out for this.

I agree with you. I think the Dickens episode is the best to date. How do you think it compares with "Ghost Light" considering that was the last story in which the TARDIS travelled back in time to roughly the same period?

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