Sunday, April 24, 2005


Princess Bride

I have been wanting to see this film in quite a while. It is supposed to be one of those cheesy classics that everyone loves. Yet, until a year or so ago I had never heard of it (not that my knowledge of films is that great anyway). Since I heard about it I have been wanting to see it. I have also wanted to read the book. In this case though I wanted to see the film first. Usually it is the other way about but most people I know who are fans of the story saw the film first and I guess it is just stuck in my head that it should be done that way. So despite coming across the book many times I refused to get a copy.

Yesterday though I bought the DVD. I am bad for buying DVD's before seeing the film. I have never bought a DVD that I haven't liked though as I only do this if I know that I am going to like it (does that make sense?). With this one though I wasn't sure. I wanted to like it but wanting isn't enough. But yesterday I decided just to go for it and if I didn't like it I could always give it to someone who does. I watched it last night and I did actually enjoy it. It's a spoof on lots of different maiden in distress stories. I knew it was a spoof but for some strange reason I was expecting a horror type. I really don't know why I was convinced of this. I wasn't disappointed. If anything I enjoyed it more because it wasn't.

Anyway, I am glad of the new edition to my DVD collection and am now looking forward to getting the book and adding that to my collection too.

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