Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Stitch-It Kit

I got my stitch it kit by Jenny Hart through. I am very excited about trying it out. All I was really looking forward to was the patterns and instructions. I didn't realise that you also get a hoop, some thread (although I'll just use my own), and two tea towels. I am going to use the cat design for the tea towels and give them to my mum. She has been collecting cat items over the last few weeks. I think at first it was to annoy me but the collection has grown quite a bit since those cat place mats (I'm not a cat fan). I am tempted to use the Dog iron on for one of the towels but I won't, I'll be nice.

Anyway, I have had a look through the instructions and it looks very easy to follow. At the moment it is high on my recommendation list for beginners. When I give it a go I will let you know if it actually stays there. I think if it doesn't turn out right though it will be because of my own poor abilities rather than the book.

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