Friday, April 22, 2005


Stitch N Bitch

I love these knitting books. It shows that knitting isn't just a pastime for your little old ladies in their rocking chairs. Or that only horrendous things can be made from knitting. In the craft world it is now the in thing to do and this book helps. I have the second one Stitch n Bitch Nation and I love it. I love all the great ideas and patterns. I also love the pages on the people who get together to make these things. I now have a huge list of all the things I want to knit. It has encouraged me to try more than just a scarf. Next week I am going wool shopping and then I plan to get started.

Actually buying this book has made me realise just how few craft books I have. I have one or two cross stitch books and a couple on scrapbooking. But that is it. There are lots of good books out there so I am going to keep my eyes peeled for ones I can add to my collection.

** Since I said I would keep my eyes peeled for other crafty books I decided to go ahead and order one. I have had my eye on Jenny harts stitch it kit for quite some time. I am now really looking forward to receiving it.

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