Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Cross Stitch Frenzy

So after I finished Alice I got out the Harry Potter book that I won on ebay. I immediately began to stitch a bookmark design from that and finished it the very next day. This one is to represent the house of Griffindor. The pattern shows that the edges of the design are at the edge of the actual bookmark. The aida band I used was a little too wide. However, I quite like the effect especially with the gold strips up the sides. I am hoping to get some red ribbon wide enough to stitch onto the back. I am also going to stitch bookmarks to represent all the Harry Potter houses. I think they will make good prizes for the release of the book

I was going to go straight on to stitching the next one but thought I should really stitch the next book mark for the round robin I organised. A while ago I ordered some Popcorn Bear bookmark kits and I decided to use one of them. The person I am to stitch for next is a huge Tatty Ted fan and I thought she might find this little bear equally cute. As you can see I finished it fairly quickly.

Then last night I couldn't sleep and I remembered the little Dr Who keyring I had designed but hadn't finished. I hunted it out and it turned out that all I had left to do was the back stitch. I finished it off pretty quickly and now all I need to do is send it off to my friend. I know it is slightly different from the TARDIS but I had to make a few changes so that it would fit into a smaller size. I'm sure my friend will like it though. I was going to have 'Police Box' written at the top but the design was too small for me to fit it in so I decided it was best to leave it.

Anyway, I have started on the next Harry Potter bookmark and this one is for Hufflepuff. I don't think I will finish this one quite as quickly as I have work. Also I have ran out of black thread so I wouldn't be able to finish it anyway.

I've rather enjoyed stitching these small designs. Maybe it's just the larger ones I am fed up doing.

Sunday, May 29, 2005



I finally picked up my needle again and have actually finished something. I finished stitching Alice from Angelina Ballerina. It didn't take long to stitch. I would have been quicker if I hadn't spent most of this week reading. I have the stitching bug again although not enough to pick up the Castle (I have a horrible feeling that it is going to turn into a UFO). I got through a Harry Potter chart book which I won on ebay. I plan to start stitching something from that today. I just need to convert the threads into anchor.

I received my coaster from the coaster exchange this week. I love it! I don't know who has stitched it yet as names have yet to be revealed. I also can't post the one that I made yet as I the person I made it for has still to receive it. I absolutely love my new coaster though and have begun using it straight away. The lovely card was made by the persons daughter. She said that her daughter really wanted to make the card. I thought that was very sweet and something I will hang on to (not that I wouldn't have anyway but this just makes it more sentimental).

I still have some book reviews for you and I promise to have them posted soon.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Catch Up

Just a few things to catch you up to date. I have had the time to blog the past week but I haven't really been in the mood.

Anyway, because of the small gap I have a few book reviews to do which I will soon. A few different ones than my usual. Two are non fiction. One of those is a crafts book so maybe not that unusual.

I'm back into my stitching. At the moment I am stitching a little kit of Alice from Angelina Ballerina. I bought this kit at my first crafts fair a couple of years ago so it is about time I got round to stitching her. I will probably finish her this week. Providing of course that I don't get side tracked by something else. I am also going to finish stitching something I started a while ago, put away and haven't looked at again. Not the castle. I'll give more on that once I have finished it.

Tomorrow I am going to try my hand at making something from my muppets crafts books. I haven't quite decided what yet though. Tonight my homework will be to look through it and decide what to do. In the morning I am going to go shopping for anything I need.

I am also going paper shopping for the paper swap. I group of us are going to swap sheets of paper. It will be interesting to see what everyone gets since we are from all over the world. I know it's supposed to be from our own paper supplies but I would like to see if I can send along something a little unusual.

Lets of course not forget the new Doctor Who which I am still watching and am very caught up in it. More on that later.

Anyway that's about as exciting as my life gets just now. I will post again soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2005


More Grumbling

It's been almost a week since I posted but the truth is I haven't had much to say. I still have no craft projects and I seem to be spending most of my time reading. I did do some baking though and I wrote out a reply to one of the people on Craftster.

I was going to have a grumble about work but I just can't get the words. I like to keep my blog a completely separate thing from work and maybe that is why I am having trouble finding the words. I love my job though. The problem is really just one person who is making things difficult. I'm not going to say any more on it. I can't without going into detail.

I gave up on the artists way which is why there have been no updates. Last week I went to read the next chapter and I just got sick of it. I hate all this mention of God. The start of the book mentioned that you could replace God with something relevant to you but the further into the book you get the harder that is. It got to the stage where I wanted to actually through the book straight across the room. My love of books would never allow me to do that but I almost did. Instead I felt that it was time to call it a day. I don't think it was really helping and I don't really know what I was expecting to get it out of it anyway. There are a few other books out there about journaling. I think I will go and find one of them that might be more relevant or interesting. I think that with the artists way I just liked the idea of it more than anything else. I will admit that it could work for others but it just wasn't for me.

What I really need is a crafts project. I haven't went this long with nothing to work on in a long time. I have my scrapbook which I just can't seem to get back to and my cross stitch which I just don't want to pick up. I do actually want to get back to my scrapbook. It's just finding the motivation to pull all my things out. Maybe I will do some tonight.

Monday, May 09, 2005


Writing and a grumble

Well, I have done some writing today. I haven't given up on the story I started quite some time ago. Today I wrote about six pages which is quite a lot. After my initial excitement over the idea until now I have only written one or two paragraphs. Adding a few ideas to it or writing out a few possible paragraphs for later in the story. Not much anyway! Today though I have done a rough outline of part of the first chapter. It's very rough but I can fix that when I finish and go back over it again. I plan to do some more tonight. I pulled out my old folder as well as the notebook I had been using over the last few months. In my folder I found a profile of the main character that I forgot I had done (I have a few rough ones in my notebook which I have added to a few times). I also found a few short paragraphs I had written on stories that I might do linked to the series, if I every finish it. I still had it in my head to go back and do stories on two of the older characters but I had forgotten about the others. I don't know if I will do them but it has given me the spurt of energy I needed to really get back into it. Don't worry, I have no delusions over the fact that next week I will be thinking of something completely different. For the moment though it's my writing (especially since I can't think of any crafting projects that I want to start).

My grumble is my email. I am having to change it thanks to these stupid messages that I have been getting and haven't been able to do much about. I started getting replies in my junk mail filter to messages I had never sent a few days ago. I'm talking about 20 at a time. Then I also started getting those automated messages that you get when an email you send fails to send. Again for messages I didn't send. However, this wasn't a hoax message since it wasn't in my junkmail and it was my email address that was listed. Basically my email address is being used to send out I don't know what. I don't know how to fix it so I have to change my email account and then eventually shut that one down. It has taken me an hour this morning to do this and email everyone. And it means I have to register again with a few sites. It's more infuriating than anything else. I would also like to know what it is I am supposed to be emailing. I can't open the replies because they all have attachments and I don't want a virus. Guess I'll just have to live in ignorance.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


General Election

A very important day in Britain went by and I didn't mention it. Actually I don't usually mention these things in my blog or in my journal. I hear and talk about them at home and at work and I like to get away from that. Anyway I voted on Thursday not that it had a hug affect. The problem was who to vote for. I have no confidence in any of the choices that are available to us. I don't like Tony Blair. I'm not happy he is in power again and I don't trust him. You cut off one monsters head though and another will take it's place. At least that's what it feels like these days.

I guess lots of people felt the same way because voting was down again this year. If I had another option on the voting card I would have taken it but not voting isn't something I would even consider. For a start I would never hear the end of it at home. I would get the whole "People died to earn you the right to vote" and it would be true but I don't want to have to listen to the rant (I know it off by heart now). Besides I feel myself that by not voting I would be saying I don't care what happens and I am giving up my right to complain. I can understand why some people make a deliberate choice not to and I wouldn't lecture them on it but for me there is no other choice.

Anyway, not happy with the results but I really wasn't expecting anything else.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Some Random things

I was watching the Dalek Doctor Who episode again last night as the tape it was on hasn't been used again yet. Not as impressive the second time round but still enjoyed it. One thing I did notice though is that the Dalek seemed to be smaller than they were in the original shows. Maybe I just imagined it but this one definitely seemed both shorter and slimmer. It could be because it is meant to be one of their soldiers or it could be that it really is my imagination.

I have no craft project to work on just now and it is driving me up the wall. I have my letters which I am going to finish today. I have some postcards to make but nothing to truly get me excited about. I could pick up my cross stitching and finish The Castle but I'm really not in the mood. It's getting to the stage where I wonder if I will pick it up again.

I am now reading "Oracle Night" by Paul Auster. Only a few pages into it but so far I am liking it better than "The New York Trilogy". So far it is about a writer recovering from an illness that nearly killed him. He buys a notebook and decides after months to pick up his pen again. I had it in my head when I bought this one that it was set in San Francisco. It was one of the reasons I bought it and one of the reasons I picked it up last night. I wanted a reminder of my holiday. San Francisco is written on the back cover but it is a review by the San Francisco Chronicle. The blurb clearly mentions that it is set in New York. It took me about 5 seconds to get over the disappointment as the story sucked me in. I am glad that I decided to pick it up. It saved me half an hour of looking at my pile of books and wondering what to read next.

Friday, May 06, 2005


Knit Knack Kit by Kris Percival

After the success of the Stitch it Kit I decided to buy the knit knack kit. I was really excited about this and looking forward to getting stuck in to some of it's patterns. However, I was very disappointed with it. I think for very beginner knitters it is a good idea (I mean real beginners who have never once picked up a pair of needles). The patterns come in their own separate cards with an image on the front. The cards are quite sturdy so won't get damaged too much if carried around. There was also a little booklet which had all the basic instructions needed for each pattern along with diagrams. It also comes with needles and a sewing needle perfect for wool. Quite a good little set for beginners. Also the patters don't give specific brands of wool. Instead it mentions the wool by type and they are all ones that anyone can get at a local wool shop.

I was disappointed with the patterns though. They just weren't quite what I expected. I think that after seeing "Stitch N Bitch" I was expecting lots of quirky designs. There were some nice ones but mostly they were everyday patterns. I did knit the little bookmark though which took me about five minutes. I'm not going to bother posting a picture of it as it really isn't that big or detailed.


Postsecret and other swaps

I can't remember if I have mention the postsecret website before. It is a website for people sending in postcards with secrets on it to be displayed. It's completely anonymous and there is now talk of a book being published on this. One of the members of craftster thought it would be a good idea to organise a swap based on this. We have all to send two postcards a month for six months. Yes, I signed up for it. It seems that I now can't see a swap without wanting to sign up straight away. This one shouldn't take a lot out of my time. I don't think it will take long to design a postcard. The time is more likely going to be in the process of deciding what to do for each one.

I have also signed up for a journal round robin. The organizer sends round a journal and we all contribute to some of the pages. I know that I said before that if I was going to do something like that I would rather we all send out journals so that we can all get something out of it. In this case though I have too much on and I am happy to just contribute to the pages of someone's else's journal. I can always scan in the pages I made so that I have a copy of them.

The penpal swap is proving more difficult than I thought. I am just having difficulty in coming up with anything creative. I decided just to write a normal letter and decorate it as I go along. Not very exciting but at least they will be finished in time. I am trying to keep the letters up beat so hopefully this will help. I am hoping to have them finished and ready to post for tomorrow.

Monday, May 02, 2005


Artists Way Wk4

I am becoming bored with this course and fast but I will keep going with it. This week has been a long one so I don't actually remember much of what this chapter was about. I do know that I was expected to take a mini break as part of my artists date. Sorry but not all of thus can afford to go away at the spur of the moment like that. Some of us have to work.

The thing that really annoyed me was that I was also expected to deprive myself of reading for a week. This would have meant no books, no email, no internet, no text messages, no magazines. It is not unusual for people to get angry or annoyed when asked to do this and who can blame them. I get a lot of my inspiration through reading. I know my book reading has slowed down considerably over the past month or so but I still need to read at least a little every day. Also I don't think that I can go without the internet for such an extended period of time. Too many things being organised just now. Obviously if I was on holiday it would have been different but even then I would still be reading other things. Also email and texting is the way I keep in touch with my friends just now. I don't get to see them as often as I would like and this way I actually get to hear from them. So no I wasn't about to do this. I did carry out all the other tasks though and I will be doing the ones for this week as they don't seem to make unreasonable demands.


Doctor Who Ep6

The one with the Dalek. This one has to be my favourite to date. A Dalek is found in one mans collection of alien artifacts. It comes to life when he sees the Doctor. Thanks to Rose, the Dalek is able to regenerate itself and goes on a huge killing spree. Only when it sees Rose again does it stop. When it had absorbed Rose's DNA it absorbed her emotions too. It began to question itself and the only way to become free was to destroy itself.

Never thought I would feel sorry for a Dalek. Now alone in the world thanks to a time war with the Time Lords (also explains what happened to the Daleks) it panics. It needs orders and is willing to wait or destroy until it gets them.

Personally I don't think that this will be the end to the Daleks. I think that they will come back in another episode. How I don't know. Maybe I just don't want to admit that there will be no more stories with them. Another famous enemy of the Doctor also made an appearance, even if it was only a small one. The head of a Cyberman was also found in the collection.

Not sure what next weeks episode is about but I'm sure that it will be a good one.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Penpal Swap on Cratster

The person organising this got back to everyone with details on the swap which means we can all get started straight away. I am very excited about this swap and have been looking forward to taking part. The problem now is that I am nervous. I've had penpals before but this is different. These people are very active at crafting. If you saw some of the things that are made on swaps you would be amazed. They are all a very talented bunch of people. SO you can understand why I am a little nervous about this. I have to do something special, something a little different than just writing out a letter. Problem is I have absolutely no ideas. The only thing that is coming to my head at the moment is using themes for each letter. It would have to be themes that are relevant to me but at the same time interesting to the person that I am sending it to. I am definitely going to put a lot of thought into this. This is my first swap on this group and I don't want it to go horribly wrong.

I know the important thing is to also enjoy it and I think I will as soon as I can think of something creative. Once I do that I usually get into the swing of things and go all obsessive until I am finished. A bit like the way I was with making my journal. If this works out I will definitely be taking part in more swaps.

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