Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Cross Stitch Frenzy

So after I finished Alice I got out the Harry Potter book that I won on ebay. I immediately began to stitch a bookmark design from that and finished it the very next day. This one is to represent the house of Griffindor. The pattern shows that the edges of the design are at the edge of the actual bookmark. The aida band I used was a little too wide. However, I quite like the effect especially with the gold strips up the sides. I am hoping to get some red ribbon wide enough to stitch onto the back. I am also going to stitch bookmarks to represent all the Harry Potter houses. I think they will make good prizes for the release of the book

I was going to go straight on to stitching the next one but thought I should really stitch the next book mark for the round robin I organised. A while ago I ordered some Popcorn Bear bookmark kits and I decided to use one of them. The person I am to stitch for next is a huge Tatty Ted fan and I thought she might find this little bear equally cute. As you can see I finished it fairly quickly.

Then last night I couldn't sleep and I remembered the little Dr Who keyring I had designed but hadn't finished. I hunted it out and it turned out that all I had left to do was the back stitch. I finished it off pretty quickly and now all I need to do is send it off to my friend. I know it is slightly different from the TARDIS but I had to make a few changes so that it would fit into a smaller size. I'm sure my friend will like it though. I was going to have 'Police Box' written at the top but the design was too small for me to fit it in so I decided it was best to leave it.

Anyway, I have started on the next Harry Potter bookmark and this one is for Hufflepuff. I don't think I will finish this one quite as quickly as I have work. Also I have ran out of black thread so I wouldn't be able to finish it anyway.

I've rather enjoyed stitching these small designs. Maybe it's just the larger ones I am fed up doing.

Congratulations on all your finished and keep up the happy stitching ;-). Ann.
Thank you, I am still stitching away but this has slowed down a little as I have ran out of aida band.

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