Sunday, May 08, 2005


General Election

A very important day in Britain went by and I didn't mention it. Actually I don't usually mention these things in my blog or in my journal. I hear and talk about them at home and at work and I like to get away from that. Anyway I voted on Thursday not that it had a hug affect. The problem was who to vote for. I have no confidence in any of the choices that are available to us. I don't like Tony Blair. I'm not happy he is in power again and I don't trust him. You cut off one monsters head though and another will take it's place. At least that's what it feels like these days.

I guess lots of people felt the same way because voting was down again this year. If I had another option on the voting card I would have taken it but not voting isn't something I would even consider. For a start I would never hear the end of it at home. I would get the whole "People died to earn you the right to vote" and it would be true but I don't want to have to listen to the rant (I know it off by heart now). Besides I feel myself that by not voting I would be saying I don't care what happens and I am giving up my right to complain. I can understand why some people make a deliberate choice not to and I wouldn't lecture them on it but for me there is no other choice.

Anyway, not happy with the results but I really wasn't expecting anything else.

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