Friday, May 06, 2005


Knit Knack Kit by Kris Percival

After the success of the Stitch it Kit I decided to buy the knit knack kit. I was really excited about this and looking forward to getting stuck in to some of it's patterns. However, I was very disappointed with it. I think for very beginner knitters it is a good idea (I mean real beginners who have never once picked up a pair of needles). The patterns come in their own separate cards with an image on the front. The cards are quite sturdy so won't get damaged too much if carried around. There was also a little booklet which had all the basic instructions needed for each pattern along with diagrams. It also comes with needles and a sewing needle perfect for wool. Quite a good little set for beginners. Also the patters don't give specific brands of wool. Instead it mentions the wool by type and they are all ones that anyone can get at a local wool shop.

I was disappointed with the patterns though. They just weren't quite what I expected. I think that after seeing "Stitch N Bitch" I was expecting lots of quirky designs. There were some nice ones but mostly they were everyday patterns. I did knit the little bookmark though which took me about five minutes. I'm not going to bother posting a picture of it as it really isn't that big or detailed.

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