Monday, May 09, 2005


Writing and a grumble

Well, I have done some writing today. I haven't given up on the story I started quite some time ago. Today I wrote about six pages which is quite a lot. After my initial excitement over the idea until now I have only written one or two paragraphs. Adding a few ideas to it or writing out a few possible paragraphs for later in the story. Not much anyway! Today though I have done a rough outline of part of the first chapter. It's very rough but I can fix that when I finish and go back over it again. I plan to do some more tonight. I pulled out my old folder as well as the notebook I had been using over the last few months. In my folder I found a profile of the main character that I forgot I had done (I have a few rough ones in my notebook which I have added to a few times). I also found a few short paragraphs I had written on stories that I might do linked to the series, if I every finish it. I still had it in my head to go back and do stories on two of the older characters but I had forgotten about the others. I don't know if I will do them but it has given me the spurt of energy I needed to really get back into it. Don't worry, I have no delusions over the fact that next week I will be thinking of something completely different. For the moment though it's my writing (especially since I can't think of any crafting projects that I want to start).

My grumble is my email. I am having to change it thanks to these stupid messages that I have been getting and haven't been able to do much about. I started getting replies in my junk mail filter to messages I had never sent a few days ago. I'm talking about 20 at a time. Then I also started getting those automated messages that you get when an email you send fails to send. Again for messages I didn't send. However, this wasn't a hoax message since it wasn't in my junkmail and it was my email address that was listed. Basically my email address is being used to send out I don't know what. I don't know how to fix it so I have to change my email account and then eventually shut that one down. It has taken me an hour this morning to do this and email everyone. And it means I have to register again with a few sites. It's more infuriating than anything else. I would also like to know what it is I am supposed to be emailing. I can't open the replies because they all have attachments and I don't want a virus. Guess I'll just have to live in ignorance.

well - everyday I open the mailbox........I can't wait to get your letter....

btw I am something of a blog nut:
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