Tuesday, June 14, 2005


101 Things To Do Before You Die

I love this book. I bought it last year and every so often I like to bring it out an flick through the pages. I am determined to get at least one star in the book. At the moment I have zero completed. Whenever I do pick the book up again I become almost obsessed. I was looking through it again recently and saw at the back that it listed a website. I really shouldn't be surprised as these things usually do. So I looked it up and have now added it to my favourites. The author has a blog where he lists the ones he himself is working on and all the ones he has completed (which at the moment is 24). The book itself has pages at the back to add your own and the website allows you to download extra pages to stick into your book. It also has updates for anything in the book that changes eg the worlds richest man changed and so you can print off a sheet to put in your book. It also has links to various websites that might help you complete some of the pages.

As I said I am determined to complete at least one. At the moment I am working on #52 Read the Greatest Books Ever Written. And #57 See the All Time Greatest Films. Compared to most people I know the number of films I have seen and my film knowledge is shockingly poor. Yet it is this one that is winning. I have seen 50 of them thanks to my boyfriend and my parents DVD collection. This one will be harder to complete than the books. Simply because I can get the books no problem. There are some films on the list though that I will only watch if it's on TV. At the moment I have read 33 books on the list and I am working on number 34. I'm not reading them in any order so number 34 for me is Kenneth Grahame's "Wind In The Willows". Surprisingly I am enjoying it. I didn't think that I would. I hated the cartoon when I was little.

The author, Richard Home, is the guy who illustrated the Harry Potter covers and has designed a few websites. He has a new book out at the end of the year, "101 Things To Do Before Your Old And Boring". The chances are I am going to buy this book too and become just as obsessed.

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