Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Celtic Winter now ordered

I ordered the chart and materials pack today. I used a website that I haven't used before. That really doesn't mean much since there are very few internet companies that I have ordered from. This one was offering the set at a lower price than everyone else. I don't think this is normal, it seemed to be a special offer because it is new. It's almost half the price of some of the other sites which worries me a little. I thought I would give it a go anyway. If all works well I will mention the site I got it from. I got Celtic Christmas from two different places and I wasn't particularly happy with one of the companies I used. I can't remember which one it was but I ordered the chart and the material pack thinking that would be it. It turns out the beads weren't included in the pack (which wasn't mentioned on the site). When I went to order them they were asking double what everyone else was charging for them so I ordered from somewhere else.

I didn't go out of my way to chose a special material for it. I know a lot of people are mulling over what type of material to use. I just optioned for linen. I'm sure the colour will be fine and I used the linen for Celtic Christmas so I'm not really worried about that.

Not much else to update on. I was only able to do a little stitching yesterday. I am onto the last colour of the rats cloak. I don't know where I got this stitching by colour from. When I first started stitching I used to break the chart into blocks in my head and stitch it that way. Stitching one colour at a time is a new thing.

Glad you liked the photos. I've a few more of the Daleks to post eventually as well as some of the other "Doctor Who" monsters!

I loved the last episode too. The moment that stays with me most was the death of "Big Brother" contestant Lynda. I really didn't want her to die as she was far too nice to be competing on that show! I knew as soon as she accepted The Doctor's hand of friendship, in the previous episode, she would meet a nasty end. Her death was a cruel but novel twist on the old burning through the door with an oxyacetylene torch routine. When Rose brought Captain Jack back to life why not Lynda as well? Rose was jealous of Lynda's friendship with The Doctor but that's no reason to leave her dead having obtained power over life and death. I think Russell has a mean streak!!

I'm looking forward to the Christmas special as well, which will be made by the director behind the Blitz story. Best news about next season is that Graeme ("Caves of Androzani" & "Revelation of the Daleks") Harper will be directing no less than 4 episodes! Can't wait!! I wonder if he'll be allocated any of the Cybermen episodes. Do you think the Cybermen will be redesigned in any major way? They won't be gold, that's for sure!!!
Hi Karen, if you get stuck getting the beads, let me know. I am bound to be going to my local shop soon and can pick them up for you :-) Glad to have you with us in the SAL!!
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