Friday, June 24, 2005


Change of Music

My knowledge of any type of music has always been limited. In primary school I went along happily knowing nothing about music. Occasionally I would try to copy my cousin who was very much into music or even my friends. However, that didn't really happen that often. I was happy with the few pop music tapes that I owned and some of my mums music that I actually liked. Admittedly I did go through the general phases that my friends seemed to go through such as Kylie and Jason. But never to the extent that they did.

Then high school happened. I was made more and more aware of how little I knew. It wasn't essential that you knew who the latest groups were. If you didn't though there were times where you were made to feel a little left out. Later in high school I did catch up. I had my own taste and I knew what I didn't like. The truth was that I tended to follow the crowd in most cases. Even at university I followed the crowd simply because my knowledge was limited. It never really occurred to me to go and find out for myself.

Recently I have been made again to feel that I know next to nothing about music. This doesn't really bother me so much. I am now learning to go with what I like and not just what others like. As a result my CD collection over the last few years has become a little bizarre. I seem to have a little of almost every music taste. It's something I have grown quite proud of. And maybe because of my willingness to try a bit of everything my mind has opened a little more.

The latest for me is a move into classical music. I was never a fan when I was younger. At least I never allowed myself to be a fan. Too much of a sheep. I loved playing classical pieces in the school orchestra although I new next to nothing about them and I didn't let that grow. I regret that now.

Anyway, a few days ago I heard a little of Chopin. I decided that I liked it and today I went out and bought a CD. It's really only a collection of some of his work. Something to give me taste and I have enjoyed what I have heard so far. I really do like the sound of the piano. I think Chopin might be my introduction into the classical world.

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